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Sundance Film Festival: The Money Angle

While the majority of Sundance Film Festival observers have likely been focused on the emotional and artistic impact of this year’s festival films, as well as the larger the cultural implications, with brief pauses to note the deals being made, Bloomberg, understandably, is more interested in the money: the films that focus on it and the financing behind them.

Among the festival filmmakers the financial news service speaks to is David Sington, whose THE FLAW debuted this year in the World Cinema Documentary Competition. THE FLAW looks at the 2007/2008 financial collapse, and how market failure, a credit culture, a wage crisis, a debt crisis, and upward redistribution of income all played a role, seeking perspective from economists, brokers, bankers and borrowers. The distribution rights for THE FLAW were picked up this week by New Video Group, Inc., with plans for a theatrical, video-on-demand, cable TV and DVD release.

“It is possible to make documentaries that have a big-screen feel about topics people are interested in for not very much money, for hundreds of thousands of dollars and not millions of dollars,” Sington told Bloomberg. “You’ve really got to make it for less than $1 million if you are not relaxed about getting your money back.”

Read the Bloomberg story here.

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