Sundance Film Festival Review Roundup: THE GUARD

Another Sundance Film Festival movie getting good buzz: John Michael McDonagh’s Irish-inflected buddy-cop film THE GUARD, starring Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle, which premiered Thursday night as part of the festival’s World Cinema Dramatic Competition.

Some critical responses:

“It’s McDonagh’s wicked one-liners – and the skillful timing of Gleeson and Cheadle – that gives this movie its spice … I’m not sure why these limber, witty Irish films — things like PERRIER’S BOUNTY and A FILM WITH ME IN IT — don’t find a bigger audience in the U.S. Perhaps it’s the accents — but, maybe, having Cheadle in the cast is enough for THE GUARD to break through to American movie-goers.” — Marshall Fine, The Huffington Post

“Scabrous, profane, violent, verbally adroit and very often hilarious, this twisted and exceptionally accomplished variation on the buddy-cop format is capped by a protean performance by Brendan Gleeson a defiantly iconoclastic Irish West Country policeman … This cinematic equivalent of a shot of fine single malt will go down well with specialized audiences looking for something bracing and fresh.” — Todd McCarthy, Reuters

“The film … crackles with rapid-fire dialogue and sharp plotting. It’s a star turn for Gleeson, whose Sergeant Gerry Boyle is both confrontational and kind — often at once.” — Daniel Miller, The Hollywood Reporter

“Very smart and funny … I definitely recommend it.” — Christopher Campbell, Cinematical

“This is a definite must-see film which I am sure will do well in theaters. It has action, comedy, suspense, and proper macho charisma. Brendan Gleeson’s character completely absorbs you from beginning to end and leaves you wanting more.” — Christie Ko, ScreenCrave

Here’s a clip:

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