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2018 Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival Follow Up: THE TILLMAN STORY

After football star Pat Tillman was killed while serving in Afghanistan, he was dubbed a national hero was was posthumously bestowed with all the honors befitting that title. His family was informed that he died while charging the enemy in an insurgent attack, effectively saving the lives of the men in his unit. But it wasn’t long before evidence of the actual circumstances of TIllman’s death surfaced, and his family, as well as everyone else, discovered that he was actually killed in friendly fire, aka by his own men. THE PAT TILLMAN STORY follows the outraged Tillman family as they take the military officials who lied to them to court and reveal what the government tried to cover up.

Director Amir Bar-Lev (MY KID COULD PAINT THAT) was nominated at Sundance for the WAFCA Award for Best Documentary as well as the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary. His searing documentary is not only a unflinching, heart-wrenching examination of military corruption and manipulation, but it’s also one of the best historical documents we have that chronicles an era in our military that, sadly, we’re very much still in. Like any good documentary, THE TILLMAN STORY has had a remarkable ripple effect on audiences of all political persuasions, encouraging even the most for-God-and-country conservative to ask questions.

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