Sundance Film Festival Follow Up: SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS

Mark Ruffalo made his presence known at last year’s Sundance Film Festival with his performance in THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT and again with his directorial debut, SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS. Nominated for both the Grand Jury Prize and the Special Jury Prize, Ruffalo took home the former for his story about a DJ in a rock band who turns to faith healing after becoming paralyzed. The movie stars Ruffalo, Laura Linney, Juliette Lewis, who has the slurring, apathetic band chick thing down pat and Orlando Bloom as the long-locked, black eyeliner-wearing rock god. Christopher Thornton, who plays Delicious, also wrote the script, marking his own writing debut.

The story sounds as bizarre and compelling as the title, which Ruffalo took from The Rolling Stone’s song “Sympathy for the Devil.” Even though the film deals with the exploitation implicit in spiritual healing, the laying on of hands and the like, as the title suggests this is still as much of an ode to rock ‘n roll as is it a criticism of its major players, or at least their types. Ruffalo said that if it’s a social satire, he hopes it’s a subtle one. Far from being just another version of SPINAL TAP, Ruffalo proves he can hold his own not only as an actor, but as a director as well.

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