Sundance Film Festival Deals: LIKE CRAZY

In what Entertainment Weekly is calling “the first big sale” at the Sundance Film Festival, Drake Doremus’s LIKE CRAZY got snatched up by Paramount Pictures on Saturday night following “an all-night bidding session.”

The film, a long-distance love story starring Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones, from the director who brought the very different film DOUCHEBAG to last year’s festival, sold for $4 million. “With a major studio backing it, this tiny romantic-drama … will likely have the support it needs to connect beyond the art-house,” EW contends. “How audiences ultimately respond is still uncertain, but if the viewers who have seen its single public showing are any indication, there’s potential to make the mainstream swoon just as hard as the story’s young lovers.”

It has certainly made the critics swoon. Here’s what Gregory Ellwood of HifFix had to say: “LIKE CRAZY is a film that will rock anyone who has had the chance to truly fall in love at one point in their life.  I have no problem admitting I was bawling at least four or five times during the film and it was mostly for happy moments in Drake Doremus’ triumph.” Now that’s a rave review.

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