Robert Redford on Career 'Irony'

You might be surprised to learn, as we were, that Sundance Film Festival founder Robert Redford, who has nurtured the work of countless filmmakers over the years, doesn’t have a scrum of those filmmakers clamoring to cast him in meaty roles.

“I ask the question — I say, ‘Hey I’d like to be [in that movie]‘ and they say, ‘Would you? You’re kidding.’ And I say ‘No, what do you think …’” Redford told ABC News Now’s “Popcorn With Peter Travers.” He added, “Something is happening over the years that makes a lot of people think that I don’t do this anymore, when the truth is, it’s what I enjoy most.”

“It is an irony,” acknowledged Redford, who actually has several meaty projects of his own in the works. “It sure is.”

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