Joe Zee: how to dress Kate Bosworth, Demi Moore and Ellen Barkin

Still from US Dramatic Competition film ANOTHER HAPPY DAY.

I met costume designer Stacey Battat way back when she was still working for Marc Jacobs in their Mercer Street store, which probably explains her close relationship to Sofia Coppola. Flash-forward to today, she was most recently the costume designer for Sofia’s newest film, Somewhere, as well as the recent  Gwyneth Paltrow musical vehicle, COUNTRY STRONG.

Tonight here at Sundance, another one of her movies makes its debut. Directed by Sam Levinson, ANOTHER HAPPY DAY stars another three very fashion-forward ladies: Kate Bosworth, Demi Moore and Ellen Barkin.

Tough task to dress? Here’s what Stacey had to say:

Q: In ANOTHER HAPPY DAY, you had to dress 3 generations of very fashion-conscious women (Kate Bosworth, Demi Moore and Ellen Barkin). How did you define each of them with clothes? And how much input did they have.

A: They all had very distinctive character traits and limitations when it came to wardrobe. All the women are very stylish in real life and of course they all had strong input. For Ellen’s character I wanted her to look childish and remove some of the sex appeal normally associated with Ellen. Demi’s character, in contrast, was flashy and always in tight sexy clothes. For Kate, I needed her to look vulnerable so I used sweet floral prints with polka dots to achieve that. It was important to keep Kate covered so that it was shocking to see her bare arms when the time came (plot point). The perfect solution: Long sleeve t-shirts with a 90′s grunge look.

Q: Favorite look in the entire movie.

A: My favorite look is what Demi wears to the therapist’s office. It’s not my own personal style sensibility and those tend to be the things I like best. She was chic and stylish but in a very flashy way. I tend to veer towards the understated so am always amused by looks I create that are more over the top.

Q: When it comes to movies, is it about custom costumes or store-bought.

A:I always prefer to make custom things if possible (budget!) It’s better when you’ve never seen the look before.

Q: Dream movie project.

A: I’d love to help tell the story or Gerald and Sara Murphy . The were an American couple who F. Scott Fitzgerald used as a model for Dick and Nicole Diver in Tender is the Night. They were friends with Ernest Hemingway and Picasso and their life was so interesting. And of course, I love the thought of costuming a movie set in the French Riviera in the 20′s

Q: If you were here at Sundance right now, what would you have packed?

A: Soft Falke merino socks.
My Marc Jacobs mens military jacket that is lined in beaver.
Cashmere leggings
LLBean shearling lined boots.
And dare I say it, but my vintage mink for the day when I would want to be a little more stylish.

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