James Franco's World Domination

Actor James Franco attends the HOMEWORK Premiere at the Library Center Theater during the 2011 Sundance Film Festival on January 23, 2011 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Sonia Recchia/Getty Images)

James Franco’s world domination, or at least his Where’s Waldo-like ubiquity continues unabated in Park City. Today he’s featured on a banner ad on the cover of the Salt Lake Tribune: Six Oscar Noms for 127 HOURS! (Lotta hometown pride for that film, which is set in Utah.) And even though he doesn’t have a film at Sundance, the actor-documentarian-performance-artist-PhD-student-Oscar-co-host does have, naturally, an art exhibit.

Actor James Franco (right) hosts the Playboy Party on January 21, 2011 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Tiffany Rose/WireImage)

It’s called Three’s Company: The Drama, and it is not (in the vein of his General Hospital-MOCA shenanigans) performance art. No. We were quickly corrected upon entering the New Frontier space-where dozens of multi-media, and every other kind of media (“transmedia,” “new media”) exhibits are on display-that Three’s Company is “immersive” media. As the placard on the wall outside of the installation explains: “By pulling apart the individual story elements of the show Three’s Company, and reconstituting them into a fully immersive (see?) experience, Franco allows viewers to activate the body in the act of remembering and reliving the iconic sitcom.”

We are not entirely sure what any of this means, but we decided to go in, anyway, and try to be immersive. The “drama” is basically a room decorated quasi-70′s style (brown sofa, bamboo table, lots of ferns), with Three’s Company episodes projected grainily on three of the walls. Franco reads the part of Jack, and someone with a very odd voice reads everyone else (Chrissy, Janet, Larry, etc.).

We sat for a long time and contemplated what all of this meant.

We came to no conclusions.

But the “experience” was in no way like reliving watching Three’s Company. That was fun. This was strange and a little scary.

Maybe we are too dense. We left to go see some movies.

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