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Festival Parties: James Franco Channels Suzanne Somers

James Franco’s installation at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, THREE’S COMPANY: THE DRAMA, sounds like something you have to experience firsthand to fully appreciate. In it, he seeks to examine the classic ‘70s sitcom, featuring those three kooky roomies Chrissy, Janet and Jack, by, according to the official description, “breaking out individual elements of narrative, character, composition, and set design to reconstitute them and create an immersive experience of the story world through which we may consider how this definitive 1970s sitcom connects and organizes our memories.” (See footage below.)

But what we all probably really wish we’d been there to fully appreciate was the party celebrating the film: The invitation encouraged guests to “Come and knock on our door” at the Playboy Lounge, and once they did, they could pick through racks of ’70s-era clothing and wigs to get into the “immersive” spirit, the Hollywood Reporter reports. Franco himself donned Suzanne Somers-style tresses and hopped up onstage to “take to the DJ mic every 15 minutes or so to sing along with the THREE’S COMPANY theme,” according to THR. And sometimes when he sang it, he did so naughtily.

Then again, actor Richard Kline, who played the trio’s womanizing neighbor Larry on the original TV show and was at the festival for the meta-show, noted that the sitcom itself was not really as naughty as we may remember it. It “had this reputation of being risqué,” Kline told the Sundance Film Festival’s blog, “but it was really tame by today’s standards.”

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