CEDAR RAPIDS: A Film With Heart

Miguel Arteta’s CEDAR RAPIDS, which premiered Sunday night at the Sundance Film Festival, is garnering positive, if not rapturous, reviews. General consensus: The insurance-industry fish-out-of-water comedy, which stars Ed Helms, John C. Reilly, Anne Heche and Isiah Whitlock Jr.,  is slight, but sturdy, sweet and funny, with a lot of heart.

A sampling of responses:

“If the film is on the slight side, it has an unquestionable asset — and its best chance at finding an audience — in Helms, who is both goofy and dignified. It’s impossible not to root for Tim as he discovers a resourcefulness he didn’t know he had, without losing sight of the inherent decency and optimism that make him a magnet for true friendships.” –  David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

“Utilizing his cast to the fullest, Arteta delivers a highly enjoyable comedy that is filled with laughs and heart.” — Raffi Asdourian, The Film Stage

“A movie without a heart is a movie not worth seeing and in Miguel Artet’s (THE GOOD GIRL, YOUTH IN REVOLT) newest feature we not only get a movie with a lot of laughs, but a touch of drama (and heart) as well.” – Adam Palcher, Salt Lake Magazine

“Ultimately, your feelings on CEDAR RAPIDS will depend on how much heart matters to you, because as a film, it’s a little soft, but it means well, and there is a genuine charm to it … Arteta’s work is solid, and the film looks like a big bright studio comedy.  I can’t honestly say that you’ll be blown away by CEDAR RAPIDS or that it’s a must-see, but the film’s gentle charms are persuasive, and on the whole, I enjoyed the time I spent with it.” — Drew McWeeny, HitFix.com

“It’s the sort of role that star Ed Helms has made his own as of late – a sweet-natured regular Joe who just might have something a little more special lurking deep inside. He does it weekly on THE OFFICE, he did it in THE HANGOVER. But can he do it in CEDAR RAPIDS? Handily.” – Kate Erbland, GordonandtheWhale.com

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