AMC Covers the Sundance Film Festival

As you prowl around looking for Sundance Film Festival news, in between dashes from screening to screening in Park City or from blog to blog on your couch, permit us to point you to some of the nifty festival coverage on our sibling site AMC.

AMC News will be blogging from the festival and will also be live-tweeting about the films, the filmmakers, the stars, and the festival sights and sounds as well as tipping you off to interviews and news via the AMC News Twitter feed.

You can vote for your favorite Sundance Film Festival directorial debuts and test your Sundance Film Festival knowledge with Sundance Film Festival Ultimate Fan Quiz: (Sample question: “Which movie landed the Grand Jury Prize at the first Sundance Film Festival?” Nope, not telling. You’ve got to take the quiz yourself and find out.)

You can also check out a photo gallery of stars featured in Sundance Film Festival Premiere movies this year. (Ewan McGregor, who stars alongside Eva Green in David Mackenzie’s PERFECT SENSE, looks very nice in chef’s whites – see for yourself.)

And you can even vote for your favorite Kevin Smith movie. Smith’s RED STATE, which has made some serious waves at the Sundance Film Festival this year, is currently languishing at No. 10. Come on, let’s give it a boost, people.

Be sure to satisfy all your festival needs with the latest buzz, top stories, and celebrity interviews from Sundance Channel’s coverage of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.