5 Ideas for Sundance Film Festival Wannabes

Joe Swanberg's UNCLE KENT will be available on Sundance Selects

For those of us who are stuck at home during the Sundance Film Festival once again this year, gazing longingly at the films and the fun from afar, Flavorwire has come up with a list of five ways to enjoy the festival from the comfort of our own couches. Ideas include watching this year’s movies on TV via “Sundance Selects,” watching hits from Sundance Film Festivals past via Netflix and watching flops from Sundance Film Festivals past the same way. “Let’s not presume that eventual box office says anything about quality; several of Sundance’s less-successful alumni are quite good, thank you very much,” notes Flavorwire. Quite right, thank you very much.

Read the Flavorwire post here.

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