Sundance Film Festival follow up: WAITING FOR SUPERMAN

President Obama with some of the children from WAITING FOR SUPERMAN

After winning the Audience Award for Best Documentary at Sundance, WAITING FOR SUPERMAN went onto teach, excite and generally rile up audiences everywhere with its take on the depressing state of US public education. Directed by Davis Guggenheim, who won an Oscar in 2006 for AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, SUPERMAN focuses on a handful of students whose futures lie in the hands of the vastly unfair lottery system used for admission to an innovative new D.C. charter school. Like AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, the film’s outcome is every documentarian’s dream: to incite a debate.

Though some people may be debating about whether or not they feel Guggenheim and his team paint a clear enough picture of public education (Guggenheim cites teachers unions as one of the main problems), the film sparked a fiery conversation that has people thinking and talking publicly, bringing the well-known but still unremedied problem of US education into the spotlight, which Guggenheim hopes will get people involved in working towards real and productive change in the system.

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