Sundance Film Festival's Top 10 Oddest Couples

To count down to the Sundance Film Festival, we’re blogging about some of our favorite movie moments in the festival’s history. Back in December we wrote about the Top 10 Lessons in Love from Sundance flicks, then last week we covered the Top 10 Lessons in Young Love. This week, it’s odd couples! Romeo and Juliet,  Louis and Clark, Donny and Marie these couples are not:

  1. Crazy Love: An ambulance-chasing attorney with a wife and disabled child hires a thug to throw lye in the face of his ex-mistress. She’s disfigured and half blinded, he goes to jail. Fifteen years later they marry. True story. WTF?!

  2. The Last Word: A woman falls for a man she doesn’t realize writes suicide notes for a living, including the note left by her dead brother.

  3. Humpday: Two straight male friends end up in a dare to make a gay porno…with them as the stars.

  4. Choke: A sex-addicted, Colonial-America reenactor/conman + a mental patient who wants to have his baby.

  5. Zoo: A man and his horse. But this ain’t no “Black Stallion.” It’s the true-life story of a family man who dies of peritonitis due to perforation of the colon after engaging in receptive anal sex with a horse. Whoa, Nellie!

  6. Friends with Money: A penniless, klepto, single house cleaner with rich, unhappily married friends decides that she can’t win at the game of love so she may as well go out with the nerdy, fat, house-bound loser-guy. And then he turns out to be richer — not to mention happier — than any of her friends. Bwah wah ha ha ha ha!

  7. Expired: Two parking meter attendants — one a serial masturbator addicted to webcam porn, the other a sweet shy girl who lives with her mother – meet cute on the job and proceed to have one of the most dysfunctional on-screen relationships we’ve ever seen. Fat insults? Check. Melancholy karaoke scene? Check. Aggressive, disturbing sex? Check. Dead woman in a bowl of mashed potatoes? Check.

  8. Transsiberian: He’s a good sweet man with a gentle soul and an open heart; she’s an ex-bad girl who simultaneously commits adultery-lite and murder. But then the Russian mob gets involved and all of a sudden they’re perfect for each other.

  9. American Splendor: Ah, comic-book-nerd love. Nobody does “odd” better than Paul Giamatti and Hope Davis — it was only a matter of time before they became an odd couple on screen.

  10. Paris, Texas: A man walks out on his wife and son; four years later he finds her in a peep show parlor and pays by the minute to tell her, through the glass, the story of why he left. We still don’t understand why they didn’t cast Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant in this one…

Check back next week for another Sundance Film Festival Top 10 from the Naked Love Department — we’re doing one each week leading up to the festival later this month!