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2018 Sundance Film Festival

Pious art, party houses and oil painted pornography?

La Pieta is in Park City, sort of (replica)

I’m gonna take a break from the booze, the nightlife and the parties for a second and delve into the world of Sundance Film Festival Art. Because it’s just that spectacular.

The Sundance Film Festival attracts the most random things. Beyond the psychotic gifting suites, the MySpace lounges, the Bing Bar and the Music café (which, by the way, may have nothing to do with movies but has had an INSANE roster of people playing including the Fray, Leeann Rimes, Joey+Rory, Lady Antebellum, etc.) – the randomest of the all prize goes to the “Have You Seen Michelango’s La Pieta?” exhibit (and let’s use that term loosely) at the Caledonian Hotel.

PR woman in four inch heels and a business suit: Have you seen Michelangelo’s Pieta
Me: Of course

PR: Oh, so you’ve seen the original.
ME: Yeah. Why?

PR: Because Vescovo Buonarroti Art got exclusive rights from the Vatican to do an exact replica of the Pieta. It’s never been done before with Vatican rights! It’s on the second floor!
ME: Um. Why?

PR: To Bring it to the world!
ME: At Sundance?

PR: Yes. This is it’s first stop on the North American tour!
Me: I have to go to the bathroom.

Note – to grab people’s attention, an exact replica of Mary’s head, illuminated by a 60 Watt bulb from the inside is being stationed at the hotels’ front desk along with a huge three by five foot poster. I want that head for my bedside table. It would go well with my Elvis lamp which has a bulb protruding from the top of his head like he’s always got a bright idea or something.

“Art” above the bed

Utah wall art is spectacular. This lovely painting was found in a house on Deer Valley road above the bed in the master bedroom. It’s truly magical. It’s like my own personal oil painting (YES! OIL! SO CLASSY!) version of SPINAL TAP because every time I look at it I find something else to marvel at. Clearly there’s the voyeuristic moose, which is just eyeballing the bonking couple like, “I see you! I’m a moose!” There’s the dog who refuses to get off the bed and looks slightly traumatized (Like a larger version of Karl Froelich whenever I start dating someone); the weird naked banging couple where the guy is like half the ladybird’s size; the shabby chic interior décor; the stained glass-esque bedspread… its all just so magical. It took everything I had to not rip it off the wall and leave a post-it note in it’s place with my name address phone number and credit card info.

My favorite art gallery in town is a photo gallery of passé pictures of huge red rocks, clouds with Jesus-light breaking through (perfect for any Christian Calendar); snow-covered mountains, etc. You know, all the usual stuff that any photographer learns in Wildlife Photography 201. But in the window is a huge red sign noting: “We do Not Photoshop Our Images! All Pictures are original!” Like it’s the More magazine of art galleries. Love it. But most galleries have the usual Indian-inspired art with a warrior covered in a wolf’s head; a dream catcher in the corner and perhaps a crystal or two to settle out that Chi-shit. Hippie Heaven.

There’s a ginormous fiberglass Drag Queen Moose statue on Main Street. It’s like 8 feet tall, has a beard, lashes and full make up including blue eye-shadow and bright pink lipstick. Someone has helpfully outfitted it with overalls, a coat and a straw hat – you know, so it won’t get cold or anything.

It’s kind of living art: The proliferation of old, straight, white men wearing mink and lynx coats … and not just coats but jackets. Very pimptastic circa ’79. Saw one couple wearing matching mink jackets with puff sleeves. They must be from Texas.