I ran into the biggest bunch of Utah Trannies last night

Paula Froelich and a Utah resident in Park City to support 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION

I feel like a gang of roudy elephants held a party in my head last night and forgot to clean up. Some musings on the evening:

  • Paris Hilton must have the skin of a rhinoceros. Not two days after Robert Redford says, “Suddenly, you end up with parties and celebrities and Paris Hilton … and that’s not us. Sundance has nothing to do with any of that. Now with the economy, these people can’t come back or I hope they don’t come.” And then the girl shows up. She’s like an international cockroach: all you need is booze, boys and barstools and like magic, she appears. I kind of admire her tenacity. You can almost hear her brain screaming, “No one keeps mama away from a good time and the party pages of Us Weekly!

Lady Antebellum performs to support the Brita FilterForGood Campaign

  • The Brita FilterForGood Campaign sponsored Lady Antebellum concert at the Music Café rocked. But what is it with dudes from Nashville? They have one of two hair styles: either a gelled up faux-hawk or flip in the front ala Grease… or they pull a Keith Urban/Steven Cojocaru-circa-2002, with full highlights and flat iron. It’s almost like some queen from the pageant industry wanted to try his hand in the country music styling industry and sold them all a bill of goods. Guys, from one Mason-Dixon-er to another: Seriously, quit it. You look lame. Highlights and gel are not manly. Neither is make-up. Fact.

  • I think I have a full on crush on The Lady Antebellum singer, Dave Whatshisname, and Danny McBride. First actor-crush ever. (Not singer – I always had a thing for Brett Michaels.) I think it’s his hair. It reminds me of my rug. And I love my rug. Good thing he, Jody and the NC gang left today or I’d be hospitalized tomorrow.

    The film formerly known as I’M FUCKING PAT TILLMAN

  • The Pat Tillman doc THE TILLMAN STORY sounds amazing. I know I’m Afghanistan-ing it out over here, but really, why not? Fun Fact: The original title of the doc was I AM FUCKING PAT TILLMAN but A&E which financed the movie made producers change the title. The F word and all. I don’t understand why no one has bought this movie yet. Seriously. Caitrin Rogers who produced it is mad cool.

  • Apple is giving away free computers to celebrities. My mom, Aunt Deedee and Uncle Jimmy think I’m famous. I wonder if that counts….

  • Jon Gosselin was told not to bother to show up to a bunch of the gifting suites. Apparently he’s become so toxic that no one but Ed Hardy wants his name attached to their products. Ouch. I mean – what’s he gonna do about birthday presents for his kids now?

A Utah resident in Park City to support 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION

  • I ran into the biggest (and by big I mean burly) bunch of Utah Trannies last night. I never knew Bears did Trans, but damn, they rocked. I took a picture with the one that looked like the Bulgarian trans pop star, Azis (this video could be the best thing I have seen in years besides the R Kelly “Real Talk” video and the Chuds tribute to Weng Weng): They are around for the movie about Mormons funding Proposition 8. So fabulous.

Joan Jett performs at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival

  • Joan Jett rocks. I want to have a playdate with the Blackhearts at Sideshows by the Seashore in Coney Island. (I love that place. I once got drunk with the midget, Koko the Killer Clown, and the manic depressive escape artist – talk about a good time!). They played at Harry O’s last night (props to Fingerprint Communications for handling the door like pros) and Tom Arnold, Ian Blingblong (from 90210 – you know, the one who was married to a Playboy “model”?), Morgan Spurlock, Kelis (who refused to play her set two nights ago because her baby daddy ex Nas was playing across the street. How’s that for defying contractual obligations?), some chisel-cheeked actor named Shane, and a couple of other people who looked vaguely familiar all showed up. Along with 5,000 other people.

  • Kristen Stewart looks a lot like Joan Jett. And clearly taking her role in the RUNAWAYS very seriously. I think she’s still wearing her costume from the set. And by costume I mean, dirty jeans, hoody sweatshirt and Converse. Hot.

  • The Wookie. Pros: it is warm as hell. Cons: It is starting to smell like a homeless person. Apparently, if you drop a coat on the floor of Tao a couple of times, it starts to smell like said floor.

  • Colts and Saints.. OH HELL YES!!!!!

  • The snow is now at like 3 feet and rising.