Menstrual Humor from the Stars of SPRING BREAKDOWN

Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch and Parker Posey at the Sundance Channel Studio

Saturday Night Live’s Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch, director Ryan Shiraki, Parker Posey, Jane Lynch and Missi Pyle squeezed onto the Sundance Channel studio’s couch this afternoon, ostensibly to discuss their movie SPRING BREAKDOWN, but instead it became a game of comedic one-upmanship. If their conversation among is any indication, the film promises to be a pun-laced comedy.

“It’s kind of a big, broad physical comedy,” said Amy Poehler, referring both to the film’s appeal and the gender of its stars.

When host Faith Salie asked if the women’s periods had synced during shooting, it sparked a string of menstrual puns.

“Like water, we flow, we meander, we encounter resistance and flow around it,” deadpanned Lynch. About the script, Pyle said, “It didn’t have to be padded or anything.” Later, Salie turned to Pyle and joked, “Missi, it took me a while to absorb your joke.” To which someone else—I couldn’t tell whom, because I was in the director’s room—replied that eventually such jokes “bleed though.”

All of which, to steal another of Pyle’s joke, may seem “out of Kotex” in this post. In any case, it suggests that SPRING BREAKDOWN, which is rated R, may be raunchier than its PG trailer suggests. Whether you’re at Sundance or not, you can soon find out for yourself: The straight-to-DVD film comes out next month.