Cassidy Loves Moby Premieres on

They’re finally here, episodes 1 and 2 of’s newest series of digital shorts, CASSIDY LOVES MOBY. In these first two episodes, we are introduced to Cassidy, an intense little doll, that has been haunted by recurring dreams of musician and recording artist, Moby. Compelled to understand the meaning of these visions from her unconscious, she embarks on a quest to meet Moby at Sundance in Park City, Utah where he reports he will be in attendance in his blog. Will Cassidy find her answers? Will meeting the man of her dreams bring her peace of mind? Will she and Moby hook up?!? Find out by watching the first two episodes in this hilarious 4 part series.

All the music used in these films and hundreds of other great tracks are available for FREE USE, yes, FREE USE, on Moby’s amazing site for independent filmmakers, Here Moby posts new tunes for filmmakers to use in films or independent works. If you are a filmmaker you can access and take advantage of this fabulous music library created by one of the most innovative and prolific composers of electronica, ambient and dance music. Check out our exclusive interview with Moby right here on and check out for yourself right now.