What's New In 2008

For the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, 121 feature-length films were selected including 87 world premieres, 14 North American premieres and 12 U.S. premieres representing 25 countries with 55 first-time filmmakers, including 23 in the non-competition categories. These films were selected from 3,624 feature film submissions composed of 2,021 U.S. and 1,603 international feature-length films. These numbers represent an increase from last year when 1,852 U.S. and 1,435 international feature-length films were considered.

What’s New for the 2008 Sundance Film Festival:

Spectrum: Documentary Spotlight – This year a sidebar within the Spectrum category presents seven documentary films as a way of continuing the Festival’s long-standing commitment to nonfiction storytelling.

New Awards for World Cinema Competition – In an effort to draw attention to international screenwriters, cinematographers, and editors, this year, the Festival expands the number of awards given to films screening in the World Cinema Competitions. In addition to the World Cinema Jury Prize: Documentary and World Cinema Jury Prize: Dramatic, the international films in competition are now eligible for awards in directing, editing, screenwriting, and cinematography.