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2018 Sundance Film Festival

Queen Diaz

Melonie Diaz

Every year, one actress is anointed the queen of Sundance. First it was Parker Posey, then Christina Ricci, Patricia Clarkson, and now, Melonie Diaz. The 23-year-old actress who is still in school at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts has already had several Sundance Films (in 2003 with RAISING VICTOR VARGAS and in 2006 with A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS). This year, Ms. Diaz in four films, as well as being a juror on the Short Film Competition.

Melonie Diaz in BE KIND REWIND

In BE KIND REWIND [], Diaz plays next to Jack Black and Mos Def as a clerk in a video store. In ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT [] and HAMLET 2 [], Diaz plays a high school student. And in AMERICAN SON [], Diaz shows up as the unexpected love interest for the main character (played by Nick Cannon). Showing a remarkable range from film to film, Diaz may reign as an indy queen for quite awhile.


Peter Bowen