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Five Things About Sundance That Haven't Changed By Marcus Hu

Marcus Hu

Marcus Hu is the co-president of Strand Releasing, which has distributed both theatrically and on DVD with a wide-range of films from the Sundance Film Festival. He shared a few observations about what hasn’t changed at Sundance.

1. Going to one of the most anticipated acquisition screenings and seeing the domino effect of execs fleeing.

2. Having to listen to inane conversations on shuttles for example, “I need a good table for Ben Affleck, yes, the actor.”

3. Waiting endlessly for the shuttles.

4. Gregg Araki hasn’t aged a day from 1992 to 2009.

5. Watching execs behave badly to volunteers, watching volunteers have power trips over execs. Sundance fun.


Peter Bowen