Festival Announces Documentary Shorts

Documentary Shorts

CARLIN (Director: Brent Green)- A diabetic Aunt moves in with her family to hasten her own death. This stop-motion piece uses life-sized wooden characters and taxidermied chickens, set in the farmhouse of the filmmaker’s childhood.

LA CORONA (THE CROWN) (Directors: Amanda Micheli, Isabel Vega)- The contestants are murderers, guerillas, and thieves. The winner will be crowned Queen, but she won’t be invited on a press tour as a role model for young girls. Instead, she will be escorted back to her cell.

GREEN PORNO (Director: Isabella Rossellini)– A series about the sex lives of bugs, insects, and various creatures. The films are a comical, but insightful study of the curious ways that “bugs” make love. Cast: Isabella Rossellini

KIDS + MONEY (Director: Lauren Greenfield)-Money talks. Teens in Los Angeles discuss money: getting it, spending it, and learning to live without it.

MY OLYMPIC SUMMER (Director: Daniel Robin; Screenwriters: Daniel Robin,M.R. Dhar)-After his marriage fails, the filmmaker looks at home video footage of his parents when they were young in hopes to understand how they kept the magic. This film is set against the historical backdrop of the hostage crisis at the Munich Olympic games of 1972.

PILGRIMAGE (Director: Tadashi Nakamura; Screenwriter: Karen Ishizuka)- A tribute to the small group of Japanese Americans in the late 1960s who transformed an abandoned WWII concentration camp into a symbol of retrospection and solidarity for people of all ages, races, and nations.

SALIM BABA (Director: Tim Sternberg)-Salim Muhammad is a 55-year-old man who lives in North Kolkata with his wife and five children. Since the age of ten he has made a living using a hand-cranked projector to screen discarded film scraps for the kids in his surrounding neighborhoods.

Animated Shorts

THE ADVENTURES OF BAXTER & MCGUIRE: THE BOSS (Director: Mike Blum; Screenwriters: Michael Weithorn, Nick Bakay)- This animated buddy-comedy chronicles the adventures of Baxter and McGuire, the closest of pals who never leave each other’s side. They also just happen to be testicles.

CHONTO (Director: Carson Mell)-Wilted rock idol Bobby Bird literally tries to buy a friend when he adopts a monkey from a zoo in South America.

THE HISTORY OF AMERICA (Director: MK12)-A psychedelic western space opera.

MY BIODEGRADABLE HEART (Director: Dana Adam Shapiro)- A story about puppy love and how long it would take said puppy to decompose.

TEAT BEAT OF SEX (Director: Signe Baumane)- A take on sex exclusively from a woman’s point of view.

Experimental Shorts

COUNT BACKWARD FROM FIVE (Director: Tony Gault) – A visual exploration of generosity and addiction that commemorates the filmmaker’s brother’s recent passing.

THE DRIFT (Director: Kelly Sears)- A 1960s space mission goes awry, resulting in a strange disappearance and cosmic transmissions. The fall-out of this journey forever changes life back on Earth and launches a counter-culture revolution.

GAS ZAPPERS (Director: Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung) – A short animation about climate change, where an ironically over-appropriated and fuzzy polar bear, abruptly finds itself in a position to save its home.

IGNITE (Director: Shawn Bannon)-The 2007 fires of Griffith Park. Shot with seven time-lapse cameras. An experimental perspective that is beautiful, eerie, and captivating.

NUMBER ONE (Director: Leighton Pierce)- Water imagery engages the experience of elasticity between varying states of mind.

UNTITLED #1 (from the series EARTH PEOPLE 2507) (Director: Nao Bustamante)- An enchanting meditation on an ancient species from the future using found footage, cell phone video, and crude chroma key effects to create a coherent and petite spell. The rendition of buffalos made from a “herd” of toy poodles tweaks at our understanding of the symbolic world.

BECAUSE WASHINGTON IS HOLLYWOOD FOR UGLY PEOPLE (Director: Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung)- Politician John McCain coined the expression, “Washington is a Hollywood for Ugly People.” This scathing work satirizes with images, color, and music over past and current political leadership.

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