Cops, Park City

As blogs and papers are rushing to get out their Sundance round up, I turn to the local Park Record’s “Police Blotter” [] for the inside scoop of what really happened this week. Here is just a sampling of the week that was.

“At 9:22 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 19, a man told the police he woke up at his place on the 100 block of Park Avenue and found a woman sleeping on a couch. She was combative and drunk, the police say, and she was taken to a hospital.”

“An officer warned a person against projecting a film onto a wall on the 400 block of Main Street at 3:47 a.m.”

“Two men stormed a theater on the 2200 block of Sidewinder Drive, the police say, and they refused to leave. They later left.”

“The police twice warned people on the 500 block of Main Street to remove a banner advertising a brand of vodka from an apartment.”

Luckily neither the fashion police, nor taste squad, was on duty this week.


Peter Bowen