5 Things That Have Changed At Sundance By Ari Gold

Ari Gold

Ari Gold has been to Sundance with three short films: FROG CROSSING in 1997, CULTURE in 1999, and HELICOPTER in 2001. He also came to Park City as an actor in the 2000 Festival feature GROOVE. This year Gold arrives at Sundance with his directorial feature debut; ADVENTURES OF POWER [www.adventuresofpower.com], unfolding the epic story of an air drummer on a mission.

1. Who’s dancing? Stop exchanging business cards for a few minutes, people.
2. People are not lounging in the lounges, they are getting handbags.
3. Less hitchhiking. Maybe that’s me, though.
4. More tension. Again, probably me, because I have more at stake.
5. The movies are still good

and check out Sundance Channel’s interview with Ari and his co-stars from this year’s Festival:


Peter Bowen

Editor, FilmInFocus.com