Update: Ker-ching! Film Sells At Sundance

UPDATE: Making its limited theatrical debut this past October, MY KID COULD PAINT THAT was released with wide acclaim. Richard Roeper says, “It’s one of the best documentaries of this or any other year.” IN UPDATE: THE SHADOW OF THE MOON invoked a sense of nostalgia in many when it was released for its theatrical debut on September 9, 2007. It went on to receive the Audience Award from the Florida Film Festival, as well as the Grand Prize at the Boulder International Film Festival.

UPDATE: Aiming high this past year, ONCE had its theatrical debut this past May, and went on to receive many awards, including a Special Mention at the Dinard British Film Festival, the Audience Award at the Dublin International Film Festival, the Youth Jury award at the Flanders International Film Festival, the Best Music in Film from the Irish Film and Television Awards, and the Best Original Song Written for Film from the World Sountrack Awards.

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Park City, Jan 22. After the long weekend comes the business week, and the business of sundance is selling films. Here is the most recent tally. The late Adrienne Shelly’s working-girl melodrama WAITRESS [festival.sundance.org]went to Fox Searchlight for about $5 million. Amir Bar-Lev’s doc about an 4-year-old art wunderkind MY KID COULD PAINT THAT [festival.sundance.org] went to Sony Picture Classic for between $1 – 2 million. George Ratliff’s evil-kid thriller JOSHUA [festival.sundance.org] brought in $4 million from Fox Searchlight. David Sington’s Apollo mission documentary IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON [festival.sundance.org] landed at ThinkFilm for between $1 to $2 million. And Cherie Nowlan’s Australian drama CLUBLAND was picked up for UK and North American rights by Warner Independent for $4 million. And finally Mitchell Lichtenstein’s bitting B-moive satire TEETH [festival.sundance.org] is being split between The Weinstein Company and Lionstgate.

Peter Bowen

Senior Editor, Filmmaker Magazine