Update: Hear For Good: Audience Documentary Winner Irene Brodsky

UPDATE: Irene Taylor Brodsky’s Audience Award winning documentary HEAR AND NOW [festival.sundance.org] documents what happens when a pair of deaf parents decide to undergo cochlear implant surgery in order to hear the world again. The twist, however, is that the subjects aren’t just any pair of parents; they are Brodsky’s own mom and dad, Paul and Sally Taylor.


While HEAR AND NOW is her first feature, Brodsky has been working in different forms of documentary all her life. She studied journalism and political science at New York University, while sneaking over to NYU’s film school Tisch to drop in on documentary film classes.

After college she moved to Kathmandu and lived there until 1996. Her experiences are documented in her book of photographs Buddhas in Disguise: Deaf People of Nepal [www.amazon.com]. In 1996, she moved back to the states to go to graduate school in journalism at Columbia University. Oddly for someone so visual, she studied long-form radio reporting.

Since she has been doing production in New York and then Portland — after she moved to Oregon in 2002. She married, had children, and cooked curry. But then when her parents told her that at age 65, they were going to get an operation to restore their hearing, she found the story she been waiting for.

Peter Bowen

Senior Editor, Filmmaker Magazine