Update: Forty Million And Counting

UPDATE: Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood have received praise from critics for their roles in KING OF CALIFORNIA, which had a limited release in theaters this past September 2007. With a theatrical release coming this January 28, 2008, Variety’s Justin Chang describes HOW SHE MOVE as a “moody, intelligent take on conventional material.”


Park City, Jan. 26. Variety’s [www.variety.com] current subtotal for acquisitions at this year’s festival is about $40 million, making it one of the strongest selling seasons in Sundance history. And with several major titles that have just premiered the number will undoubtedly go up. Recent purchases include First Look snapping up debut filmmaker Mike Cahill’s tale of LA eccentrics KING OF CALIFORNIA [festival.sundance.org] (with Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood) for $3 Million and Vantage (partnering with MTV films) taking a chance on Ian Iqbal Rashid’s hip-hop Canadian drama HOW SHE MOVE [festival.sundance.org] to the tune of $3 Million.

Purchases that have not occurred? Brett Morgan’s opening night doc CHICAGO 10 [festival.sundance.org] is still on the shelf, as is HOUNDDOG [festival.sundance.org], the southern gothic melodrama starring Dakota Fanning that has been unable to get out from under a cloud of controversy. The highest priced buy (over $7 million), SON OF RAMBOW [festival.sundance.org], which was an English production, suggests the now international dimension of the Sundance market.

Peter Bowen

Senior Editor, Filmmaker Magazine