New Media Artists At The Festival

Program for the 2008 New Frontier section

New Frontier on Main will present the following Artist Presentations and Media Installations:

ALONG THE WAY/ (Artist: ©ause Collective)– ©ause Collective uses a vibrant assembly of video portraits of people and places around Oakland, CA to paint a mesmerizing digital canvas of what makes up a town. ALONG THE WAY digs below the surface to examine how the unique individual affects the greater identity and how a community is a direct reflection of its citizenry.

DARKGAME/BEST FLAME WAR EVER/ (Artist: Eddo Stern)–A motivating force in the art of video gaming, Eddo Stern makes calculated statements on the culture of solitary beings. Darkgame is for two players, working with various forms of sensory deprivation. Best Flame War Ever displays two avatar faces re-enacting overtly machismo chat room conversations. Darkgame gaming sessions take place from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. daily.

God Builds Like Frank Lloyd Wright/ (Artist: Califone and the Animated Films of Brent Green)–In the converted barn he lives in, Brent Green is a stylized, self-taught animator. He doesn’t hide the process or the lines and tape. In this special live appearance with Califone, Green becomes a wild preacher, writhing and channeling his stories. Friday, January 18 at 6:30 p.m.; Sunday, January 20 at 6:30 p.m.; Monday, January 21 at 6:30 p.m.

HOME MOVIES 300/ (Artist: Jim Campbell)–Utilizing custom electronics with columns of high-powered L.E.D.s (Light Emitting Diodes), Jim Campbell creates an ethereal new form of sculptural art out of old style home movies. The images are universal, as is the wonderful effect of memories fuzzy and obscured, yet fully evocative.

INVISIBLE THREADS: SWEATSHOP JEAN FACTORY IN SECOND LIFE/ (Artists: Stephanie Rothenberg & Jeffery Crouse)–Audiences can buy a pair of designer blue jeans manufactured on the spot in a Second Life sweatshop factory and walk away wearing them in this playful interactive installation that replicates real world economies and scrutinizes the relationship between real world dollars and virtual assets. Shopping hours: 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. daily at New Frontier on Main.

L.A.S.E.R. TAG/ (Artist: Graffiti Research Lab)–L.A.S.E.R. TAG is a Weapon of Mass Defacement (WMD) that gives individuals the power to communicate their thoughts on buildings and a multitude of sites around the Festival using a 60 milliwatt laser and a large projector. The G.R.L. will be bombing screenings, party events, and other random targets for the duration of the festival. Meet Graffiti Research Lab and see video documentation of these experiments on Tuesday, January 22 at 12:30 p.m. at New Frontier on Main.

MIKE KELLEY/ (Artist: Jennifer Steinkamp)–Steinkamp creates an enchantedforest at New Frontier on Main with her magical high-definition video projections of individually crafted trees that twist and twirl and change through the seasons. Projected to fill the height of the venue’s walls, the trees interact with the architecture of the lounge, creating a splendid tension between the imaginary landscape and the physical space.

NEXT YEAR’S BAD NEWS BEARS/ (Artist: Cory Arcangel in collaboration with Paper Rad)–The masters of culture observationalism, Paper Rad and Cory Arcangel will blow up pop art in a one-night-only film and live music performance. Experience the breakdown of consumer-sized ideas and colors with Lucid, OCD trip, Nintendo worlds and the “The Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Glockenspiel Addendum.” Saturday, January 19 at 8:30 p.m.

THE POSTER CHILDREN/HEROES OF THE REVOLUTION/ (Artist: Marina Zurkow)–Marina Zurkow returns to the Festival (her BRAINGIRL series was featured in the Sundance On Line Film Festival in 2001) with a haunting pair of gorgeously rendered animated installation works that reflect our surreal world of oceanic detritus, child warfare, and melting ice caps.

SLEEPWALKERS/ (Artist: Doug Aitken)–Aitken will present a special single channel version of his groundbreaking MOMA installation. A gorgeous and evocative work staring Donald Sutherland, Tilda Swinton and the music of Cat Power, Sleepwalkers entwines the storylines of five nocturnal New Yorkers who awaken as the sun sets, prepare to set out into the night, and make their way through the city to their disparate destinations. Sleepwalkers is on display at New Frontier on Main at 2:30 p.m. daily. Conversation with Doug Aitken at New Frontier, Wed., January 23 at 6:30 p.m.

SNOW MIRROR/PEG MIRROR/ (Artist: Daniel Rozin)–”How the heck does it work??” is the usual first response to Daniel Rozin’s magical mirrors. Snow Mirror celebrates the drift of black and white, forming a reflection of the audience viewer from video snow. Peg Mirror questions the notions of digital object and light reflection, forming a reflection of the viewer from 650 circular wooden pegs.

TERRA NOVA: THE ANTARCTIC SUITE – A WORK IN PROCESS/ (Artist: Paul D. Miller AKA DJ Spooky)–In this one-night event, DJ Spooky gives us a glimpse of his new work that acoustically portrays the transformation of Antarctica. Miller’s field recordings couple with visual material from Getty Images in a live performance that comments on man’s relationship with nature. Performance and conversation with the artist Tuesday, January 22 at 9:00 p.m..

THE STORY IS STILL ASLEEP/ (Artists: Braden King, Shahzad Ali Ismaily, Deborah Johnson)–This live, multi-media film and music event explores the pre-narrative ether from which a movie emerges. A collaboration between Sundance Institute Lab Fellows Braden King (filmmaker) and Shahzad Ismaily (composer) with video artist Deborah Johnson, this performance shines a light on the literal and metaphoric maps of the atmospheric tone and dream-life from which King’s new feature, HERE, is now awakening. Thursday, January 24 at 9:00 p.m..

TRACKING TRANSIENCE: THE ORWELL PROJECT/ (Artist: Hasan Elahi)–Since being mislabeled and tracked as a terrorist, Hasan Elahi decided to reclaim his pursuit of happiness by naming the FBI as his artistic collaborator. Tracking himself in this website installation, anyone can see what he’s doing at any time, analyzing the incredible connection between the real and virtual worlds we now depend upon.

XANADU/ (Artist: Robert Boyd)–In this special single-channel presentation of Boyd’s explosive installation, a history of apocalyptic thought is presented in this probe of society’s self-destructive impulse. Rapid-fire montage of Doomsday cults, iconic political figures, and global fundamentalist movements are crafted into MTV-style music videos set to disco. Xanadu is on display at New Frontier on Main at 2:30 p.m. daily.

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