Party Of Choice

Director Lauren Thierry and Cara Meres at SUNDANCE CHANNEL PARTY

Sundance Channel party last night marked in many ways the final big party of the festival party season — that is, of course, before the Awards ceremony this weekend. Unlike many of the celebrity driven parties, those impossible affairs with only the rumor of a famous person flaming the crowd into tighter and tighter spaces, Sundance Channel party was an event for comrades in work: filmmakers, buyers, publicists, and film people in general. The big, splashy parties one sees on “Entertainment Tonight” happen over the weekend, and pretty much end when the stars wing their way back to wherever stars live. Nevertheless fond memories of Sundance society stay behind.

At the Discovery Films party on Sunday for the documentary IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON [], astronaut Buzz Aldrin landed, cutting into a piece of cake in the shape of the moon with the quip, “Now I have anohter piece of the moon.”

Several bloggers provide wonderful adventure stories of their own odysseys down the rabbit hole of Main Street parties. Matt Dentler [] of SXSW narrates the night in the life of festival director.

For those interested in knowing about all the parties that you won’t get into, /film keeps a running schedule for each day.
Reuters [] gives the low down of the small intimate dinners and fetes in the back of the restaurant and in private homes.

Rotten Tomatoes, which collects and measures critical mass on film, is doing the same for parties under their Rotten Tomatoes [] banner.

Peter Bowen

Senior Editor, Filmmaker Magazine