Lounge Lizards


Park City, Jan 21. During the 10 days of Sundance, Park City seems to go lounge crazy. “Lounge” is the buzz word for a highly, perhaps overly, designed space (usually off main street) with pleasant amenities that push a particular corporate brand or organizational initiative. While the more private lounges offer high-end schwag for visiting celebrities, the more pedestrian offer other gifts. The Airborne [www.airbornehealth.com] lounge provides plenty of anti-cold tablets, as well as when it is crowded, plenty of germs. The Delta [biz.yahoo.com] Lounge unfortunately does not offer airplane tickets. AOL-Cyber lounge, one of the more airline-influenced architectural spaces, gives you internet access. The New York [www.nylovesfilm.com] Lounge, promoting NY productions, puts out bagels of course. But those are just a few. Other lounges — and marketing initiative can be found at the HD house, Queer Lounge, Hollywood Life House, the Premiere lounge. Peter Bowen Senior Editor, Sundance Channel

Peter Bowen

Senior Editor, Filmmaker Magazine