Braaaaiiinnnsss: 10 Great Zombie Movies

Article: Braaaaiiinnnsss: 10 Great Zombie Movies

At this point zombies are more than a horror institution. The undead are such a popular subject they’ve become a whole genre in their own right. Whether an outbreak is contained or apocalyptic, whether they shamble in hordes or jump out from dark corners, there’s nothing quite like a good zombie movie.

Miss Your French Zombies? Catch “The Returned” Cast in a Movie

Article: Miss Your French Zombies? Catch “The Returned” Cast in a Movie

With THE RETURNED on hiatus, it’s only natural to miss your favorite French zombies–;and the living who love them. Get your fix by watching these notable French and American films featuring THE RETURNED’s very own.

Top 10 Twisted Twin Stories

Article: Top 10 Twisted Twin Stories

Twins. We’re fascinated by them, and for good reason. Imagine – someone who looks just like you, acts just like you, has your same DNA and, in some cases, like Lena and Camille in THE RETURNED, even has the same sensations when you decide to get your groove on. It’s eerie. It’s odd… and it’s…

“THE RETURNED” Season 1: What’s your favorite episode?

Article: “THE RETURNED” Season 1: What’s your favorite episode?

Whether you watched THE RETURNED last winter or caught up more recently on Netflix, you probably still have strong feelings about the younger twin’s trustworthiness and the horde’s motivations. So which episode is your favorite? Is it the pilot, which singlehandedly reinvents the zombie genre? Or maybe the finale, when a horde of undead face off with the living? Vote in the poll below. Need a refresher? Read on.

Episode 1: Camille
Camille returns home four years after her death. Simon, deceased for ten years, seeks out his fiance Adele. Waitress Lucy is stabbed on her way home, and nurse Julie finds herself with a mysterious child who she names Victor.

Episode 2: Simon
Camille rejoins her family and tries to connect with her now-older twin Lena. Police link Lucy’s stabbing to a dormant serial killer. Bar owner Toni is a prime suspect but it’s actually his brother Serge, who’s returned seven years after Toni murdered him. Adele thinks resurrected Simon seeks is just a vision.

This week's top trending videos starring the zombie invasion

Article: This week's top trending videos starring the zombie invasion

Zombies have leapt from the movie screen into our streets and this week’s trending videos capitalize on this hot news item. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) had to release a statement recently that stated zombies did not exist. “CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead or one that would present zombie-like symptoms” wrote agency spokesman David Daigle. Good try David. After finishing writing this I’m headed to my safe house deep in the woods.

No zombies in Chernobyl, but plenty of other horrors

Article: No zombies in Chernobyl, but plenty of other horrors

On Friday, the new horror flick CHERNOBYL DIARIES will no doubt have folks all over the country screaming and holding their hands over their eyes. Those of us old enough to remember the actual Chernobyl disaster, in which a nuclear reactor northeast of Kiev, Ukraine exploded, might take some comfort in this: the world’s worst nuclear disaster is far enough in the past that we can make scary movies about it. The nuclear industry might even embrace the film, as it allows them to figuratively pat us all on the head and remind us that radiation doesn’t really turn people into zombies.

How to dork out at your wedding without losing your cool

Article: How to dork out at your wedding without losing your cool

These days it seems like there are more “unique” weddings than there are traditional ones — nobody wants to get married like their parents did anymore. And thanks to the Internets, those of us who are less creative can take inspiration from others and steal the best ideas — or just laugh at them in a gently condescending manner. (Like the insta-viral wedding entrance dance routines that you can’t decide whether to love or hate.) But here’s a set of actually unique wedding photos that we just plain love – because they’re funny and dorky yet also artsy and beautiful (and how awesome is it that the bride gets to carry the shovel and deal the fatal blow?). We can just imagine this couple totally dorking out together over their shared zombie obsession. And what’s more romantic than that? Here are some of our favorites (you can see more here).

Zombie figurines

Article: Zombie figurines

UK artist Jessica Harrison’s ceramic figurine series feature dainty ladies that are…ZOMBIES. As one blog noted, it’s very Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”