Zoe Lister-Jones

The pros and cons of LOLA VERSUS

Article: The pros and cons of LOLA VERSUS

I’m not versus LOLA VERSUS. I basically found it engaging. But even a freewheeling labor of love like this can have an occasional run in its pantyhose.

In addressing the comedy—about a woman about to turn 30 who gets dumped by her fiancĂ© and requires a complete lifestyle revamp–I’ll start with the negatives, just to get them out of the way.



BREAKING UPWARDS may not be a perfect movie, but it’s a good start for Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones who wrote, directed and starred in the low-budget rom-com based on their own relationship. To keep the film to its $15,000 budget Daryl also edited and the cast worked virtually for free (or in some cases for the SAG $100/day minimum) and supplied their own wardrobe, hair and makeup.