Meat Zine

Article: Meat Zine

When in London last week I ventured into a gay shop, you know one of those places that sells awful jewelry, tight bathing suits, lube, chains, and porn. One stop shopping. Like a gay 7-11. I was tagging along with other friends who ventured in. Seriously. No, really. What? You don’t believe me? Anyway, I…

Sarah Keogh talks eggs

Article: Sarah Keogh talks eggs

Last week I spotlighted the new zine Put A Egg On It. This week I caught up with one of the creators, Sarah Keough, to talk about the project.

Why did you start Put A Egg On It?

We wanted to make a magazine together and figured there were already plenty featuring photographs of scantily clad gentlemen so we chose our other favorite topic: food. We were also interested in having fun and creating something with the same kind of feeling as the dinner parties we have with our friends.

Pink Mince

Article: Pink Mince

Now that print media is dying and everyone and their mother has a blog, many of us old school bloggers are looking for what’s next. Twitter, perhaps? No. Some other new media outlet? Of course not. We’re bringing back zines.