Has Anyone Said This Sh*t? (Yes.)

Article: Has Anyone Said This Sh*t? (Yes.)

Not since Rebecca Black have I seen a meme go from hilarious to amusing to downright-shoot-me-annoying as quickly as the seemingly neverending “Shit [People] Say” videos. Jumpstarted seemingly centuries ago with a little celebrity juice thanks to the involvement of Juliette Lewis, the meme was birthed with this video titled “Shit Girls Say.” By now you’ve seen this and all the countless copycats. If you’ve been pulling a Rip Van Winkle who just woke up and have no idea what we’re talking about, what I’m referring to are series of viral videos which are basically a supercut of stereotypical expressions and phrase associated with different groups (not without some controversy). People quickly tired of them and vocally expressed their annoyance on Facebook or Twitter, but were quick to retweet and share any new variation that happened to fit their particular niche or interests: for example, as soon as the “Shit New Yorkers Say” video hit the web, it seemed as though every single one of my New Yorker friends posted it on Facebook (often right after having stated their irritation of these videos only the day before). For you Van Winkle’s here’s a sampling of others:

This week’s top 5 trending viral videos

Article: This week’s top 5 trending viral videos

If you’re completely sick of all the coverage leading up to the Super Bowl, I’m here to provide you with some relief (9 out of 10 bloggers recommend it) with this week’s YouTube videos that seem to be gaining steam on the viral Internet train.

5. From the hilarious minds of one of my favorite channels on YouTube is this catchy and easy-to-sing song “Hapi Berth Dey.” It’s “about an Egyptian river god who finds a place to sleep atop two sheep” that also possibly doubles as an expression of his outrage of the misappropriation of copyright laws which legally also applies to a popular song traditionally sung to celebrate birthdays. Feel free to sing this new song coincidentally at your next birthday party!

This week's top 5 trending viral videos

Article: This week's top 5 trending viral videos

The talk and focus this week is (rightfully so) on all films that made their rounds at the Sundance Film Festival. But the Internet meme machine never sleeps (its theme song: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop), festival or no festival, so without further ado here are the top five videos starting to trend, and as the kids say “get its swoll on” this week.

5. If you’re a violinist and you are interrupted by an audience member’s cell phone loudly ringing during your solo performance, this is how you respond in a classy manner and in other words pwn this rude cell phone owner.

This week's top 5 trending viral videos

Article: This week's top 5 trending viral videos

Sorry kids, the Shit People Say videos still aren’t going away (just this Wednesday a “Shit New Yorkers Say” appeared on the Tubes and of course was instantly shared by every New Yorker across the Twitbook), but here are five other videos trending this week that I think, nay guarantee that you will find equal to if not more entertaining.

5. One of my favorite YouTube channels belongs to someone who goes by the literal name of “LiteralMSPaint.” As the name suggests they apply their MS Paint skills to create music videos to inane pop dance songs and interprets the song lyrics literally. The MS Paint skills might be lacking but the comedy level is expert. Their latest takes on the inescapable LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and I just lost it and began LMFAO at the 1:00 mark.

Top 5 that have nothing to do with s#!* people say

Article: Top 5 that have nothing to do with s#!* people say

Oh-em-gee, the Shit Girls Say copycat videos aren’t going away. If you’re sick of them, here are five brand-spankin’ new videos burning up the Internet and set to go “viral” this week thanks to our collective boredom and tendency to procrastinate (not me though).

5. Quadron’s cover of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor,” you know, only one of the greatest songs of our generation, is super and the reactions of my friends who I forwarded this to have been “wowwww” on one end and “why am I tearing up” on the other of the spectrum. I love the stripped down sound of their version. Also, a killer voice of Coco O. on vocals doesn’t hurt it either.

"Bounce That Dick," feminist or not?

Article: "Bounce That Dick," feminist or not?

When we were sent a link to the new YouTube video “Bounce That Dick” on the Jenna Marbles channel, we didn’t know what to expect: some kind of safe-for-work sexual technique advice video by a porn star turned educator? Then, during the first 30 seconds, our hopes were raised, as the young “blogger and entertainer” began a rap parody, stating with much braggadocio, “I’ve been told since the day I started growing pubes to shake my ass. Well, guess what, my ass is fucking tired as shit. This time it’s your turn to wiggle your man junk for me. I wanna see you shake your muthafuckin penis, bitch.”

The rituals of Christmas morning on YouTube

Article: The rituals of Christmas morning on YouTube

Well, another Christmas has come and gone: The excitement, traditions, and rituals of Christmas morning which were private and unique to each family has now become a source of public entertainment thanks to YouTube, Facebook, online communities, and the countless other vehicles for information sharing and connecting on the Interwebs. We all remember popping up on Christmas morning as a kid (at an ungodly hour in retrospect) with a rapturous and feverish glee, forcing our parents to wake up, and then euphorically opening the presents which had contained all of our hopes and dreams at the time. The difference nowadays is that this crackhead-like (if I may use that phrase here) exhilaration and joy of children on Christmas morning is now a source for millions of views on YouTube. Unless you’re a modern day Rip Van Winkle, you’ve all seen this priceless reaction video of this kid opening his Christmas present to discover a Nintendo 64 or as he screamed “a Nintendo Sixty-Foooooour. OH MY GAWD.” Yeah, that video has over 15 million views on YouTube. Bookending the Nintendo 64 kid is this classic video where a new Nintendo Wii on Christmas morning is too much to handle for the lucky boy or in this instance, utter hilarity for the adults.

Like these two videos I mentioned, each Christmas brings the rest of us a few more videos that enters our collective consciousness.

Best of the Web: ALIENS on ice & a Fozzie Bear biopic

Article: Best of the Web: ALIENS on ice & a Fozzie Bear biopic

ALIEN on Ice: If one thing is awesome about America, it’s that you can put just about anything “on ice.” This past month, the Old Murder House Theatre in Austin, Texas performed a live rendition of the 1986 sci-fi classic, ALIEN, and clips from the performance have, predictably, totally blown up on YouTube.

Get a Sneak Peak at Season 2 of AOTL – Plus The Best of Fashion and Style with Joe Zee

Article: Get a Sneak Peak at Season 2 of AOTL – Plus The Best of Fashion and Style with Joe Zee

Life has seemed rather dull lately, hasn’t it? Well, Joe Zee is here to save us. ALL ON THE LINE returns on November 25, but you don’t have to wait to get your fill of fashion rehab. Joe Zee and SUNDANCE CHANNEL are teaming up with YouTube to make sure you’ve got enough AOTL to get you through Thanksgiving.

Music for my funeral

Article: Music for my funeral

David Kraftsow, an artist and programmer based in Brooklyn, has made waves on the Internet for his various projects that blur the line between culture jamming and art on the web, most notably his (rearranges any YouTube video into a sequential series of images) and First Person Tetris (playable version where instead of moving and rotating the blocks, you rotate the entire screen) earned him quite a bit of buzz even with the mainstream press…

This American Laugh: Ira Glass' sex tape

Article: This American Laugh: Ira Glass' sex tape

If you’re an NPR junkie, you’re going to love this. It’s an 11-minute spoof of a “This American Life” episode featuring a story about host Ira Glass making a celebrity sex tape. All the elements are there: Ira Glass’s go-to phrases, input from Alex Blumberg, the clever mood music, the end credits with a shout out to WBEZ general manager Torey Malatea…

36 covers, 1 Radiohead song

Article: 36 covers, 1 Radiohead song

of this song by people from all corners of the world. I can’t imagine how much time this took, but the end result is surprisingly coherent and listenable. I forecast that there will be a trend of others doing similar stitched covers.

Miss USA's answer: should evolution be taught in schools?

Article: Miss USA's answer: should evolution be taught in schools?

One of the most enjoyable fifteen minute diversions I was forwarded last week came courtesy of the contestants for Miss USA 2011, who had to answer some tough questions as part of the competition, like have you or would you ever use an online dating service, would you be in a tasteful nude photo shoot and that burning topic of national debate that only Miss USA can decide: should evolution be taught in schools? The general consensus seemed to be that yes, it should but only as long as the Bible gets a shout out, too. Full viewing is highly recommended, but be warned that watching some of these contestants smile big as they squirm under pressure is positively excruciating, so if you want to cut to the chase here are some of the “best” responses. Be sure to see Miss Nevada’s answer around minute 9:00, as she attempts to explain how evolution can be taught as an example of how communities like Nevada have evolved from “a small community into something much bigger.” Can someone please teach her the difference between a community and an entire state?

People of Walmart song

Article: People of Walmart song

It surpassed 2.5 million views on YouTube last week. Jessica Frech‘s original song and video set to images from is a prime lesson in successful self-promotion: take an Internet site that thrives on our love of laughing at people and pair it with a seriously catchy tune (seriously, don’t listen to it more than once if you don’t want to wake up singing it tomorrow) and voila: Internet meme! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Frech is a talented musician with an ethereal voice (and a ukulele!) — but her mastery of grass-roots internet marketing is what will propel her to fame.

Bb 2.0: online collaborative composing

Article: Bb 2.0: online collaborative composing is the home of Bb 2.0, a web-based sound experiment that harnesses the power of YouTube, namely the user’s ability to play an unlimited number of YouTube videos at the same time. In what is perhaps the most creative application of this feature, Bb 2.0 is basically an online music-making platform that allows the…

Gaga versus Britney

Article: Gaga versus Britney

Now that Cher’s been snubbed by Oscar, Christina’s career is in a slump, and Madonna’s gone silent, it is safe to say that the world’s stereotypical gay homosexuals can be lumped into two camps: Gaga and Britney. Some queen, who obviously speaks English as a second language, is well aware of this division in our…

Sundance Watch List: LIFE IN A DAY

Article: Sundance Watch List: LIFE IN A DAY

Something to seriously look forward to from the Sundance Film Festival, whether you’re headed to Park City or not, is the LIFE IN A DAY project, which promises to tell “the story of a single day on Earth.” How, exactly, does it plan to do that? OK, here’s the deal. A while back, the project’s…

YouTube-inspired art

Article: YouTube-inspired art

Anyone that’s dealt with trying to access YouTube while on slow bandwidth is familiar with the spinning loading screen. For most of us that’s a source of frustration. For Dutch artist Helmut Smits it’s a source of artistic inspiration as seen here in his piece “YouTube (Staring at the Wall)” which is formed from different…

BLACK SWAN, intentionally funny

Article: BLACK SWAN, intentionally funny

I know, I know. Yes, I have a penchant for posting hilarious YouTube videos on this blog probably far too often. But wait! Seriously, I have discovered a girl who is so freaking funny, I cannot even stand it. Please let me introduce you to Gloria Shuri Nava. With a name like that you better be fierce!

The assassination of Yogi by the coward Booboo

Article: The assassination of Yogi by the coward Booboo

The 2007 ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD ranks high on my list of favorite films, which is why I’m so enthralled by the recent YouTube video, “Booboo Kills Yogi,” an alternate ending to Warner Bros.’ embarrassingly bad “Yogi Bear” release. In this version, Booboo decides to cash in on the $5,000…

Radio-controlled model airplane tour of NYC

Article: Radio-controlled model airplane tour of NYC

The Internet is abuzz over this f’awesome video of YouTube user “nastycop420″ (lolz) piloting a RC airplane (with a POV camera attached to it) over Manhattan and Brooklyn on a nice clear day. It’s even more remarkable considering that this wasn’t shut down by the post-9/11 NYPD. I was also struck by how the close-up,…

New season of Craigslist TV

Article: New season of Craigslist TV

A few weeks ago, Craigslist TV (on YouTube) launched their second season of mini-documentaries based on real Craigslist ads. (Watch the trailer for the series here.) If you think reading the ads is great entertainment for inducing second-hand embarrassment, try watching them. There’s “Charity’s Casting Call for a Husband” and “Hollywood Superheroes Unite” and “Michael…

A better way to channel our outrage: "It Gets Better"

Article: A better way to channel our outrage: "It Gets Better"

A great article in the NYTimes this past weekend about cyberbullying — and in particular cyberbullying over sexual orientation — included this line which really made us stop and think: “the punishment must fit the crime, not the sense of outrage over it.” It’s wise and it’s true, but we’d forgotten that — and it doesn’t answer the question, what do you do with all the outrage you feel? The outraged part of us feels that Tyler Clementi’s college roommate — who secretly filmed Clementi hooking up with another guy then posted it online, leading to Clementi’s suicide — deserves to go to jail for a long, long time. Same goes for the assholes who bullied 13-year-old Seth Walsh about his sexual orientation — Walsh hanged himself from a tree in his backyard last month and died after more than a week on life support. And countless other gay teen suicides across the country — often as a direct result of peer bullying.

Montage of "I could tell you but I'd have to kill you"

Article: Montage of "I could tell you but I'd have to kill you"

Posted on YouTube is this video montage of various movies using the cliche phrase “I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.” Maybe it’s time for writers to retire this?

Iamamiwhoami returns

Article: Iamamiwhoami returns

The unknown artist iamamiwhoami continues to release videos with little explanation surrounding them. For months now, these beautifully art-directed clips, mysterious and creepy even, have made their way onto YouTube. Bloggers began asking who the artist was. No one seems to know. The songs being released, on YouTube and iTunes, could very well spell out the…