Harvey Pekar Dies At 70

Article: Harvey Pekar Dies At 70

On July 12, 2010, Harvey Pekar, creator and writer of the autobiographical comic book American Splendor, was found dead at his home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  While the world may never have fully appreciated the richness of his talent, to those in the know, Pekar was one of the great American storytellers. His work focused…

Harlan Ellison: Who is He and Why Should We Care?

Article: Harlan Ellison: Who is He and Why Should We Care?

Harlan Ellison is easily agitated. You can’t really be sure of what will set him off on a tirade – but you can be sure that his reasoning will be sound.

So we will introduce him as a writer/author – and occasional hell raiser. Hopefully that cautious and broad intro will not incite a verbal attack from him. To the literati, Harlan Ellison is the author and/or editor of countless, much lauded short stories, novels, novellas and anthologies. To the couch-potato clickers of the world, Harlan Ellison matters to you because he served as creative consultant for the 1980′s version of The Twilight Zone, as conceptual consultant for Babylon 5 in the 1990′s and wrote one of the most popular episodes of Star Trek (The City on the Edge of Forever) among his vast body of television credits.