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Top 10 reasons we love Busy Philipps

Article: Top 10 reasons we love Busy Philipps

Busy Phillips is comedy gold, and she’s so softhearted, yet unreserved, that she’s a blast to be around. We’re hooking up with her in the season premiere of THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS on Monday at 10P to get the backstory on what makes Busy, well, Busy! — complete with her most embarrassing childhood moments. But first it’s time to take a little walk through the archives to remember why we love this multitalented star of stage, screen and radio so very much; not only did she star in Dawson’s Creek, Cougar Town, and Freaks and Geeks, she’s also got quite a few other surprises up her sleeve. Read on to find out why we just can’t get enough Busy Phillips.

Push girls on the Huffington Post!

Article: Push girls on the Huffington Post!

You’ve seen the fabulous push girls onscreen, but did you know you can read them in print, too? Mia, Auti, Angela and Tiphany have been talking up a storm over on The Huffington Post, with a lot of great insights and expansions on what you see on PUSH GIRLS. If you haven’t yet checked them out on HuffPo, here’s a sample of what they have to say…