Top 10 films that represent the war on women

Article: Top 10 films that represent the war on women

While the topic of women’s rights doesn’t have the box office draw of a bunch of dudes getting wasted at a bachelor party, say, or a bride-to-be getting diarrhea in the middle of the street, there are many excellent movies that cover various aspects of the War on Women (either directly or metaphorically)—workplace discrimination, violence against women, restricted access to abortion, sexual harassment, and all that fun stuff. So when you make a bag of popcorn and tune into the Sundance Channel this month for movies like ROSEMARY’S BABY, I’M NOT THERE and BLUE VELVET, not only will you be entertained, you’ll also be spending some quality time thinking about women’s rights. In other words, you can feel virtuous about that time on the couch. You’re welcome!

Meet comedian Amy Schumer, our new hero

Article: Meet comedian Amy Schumer, our new hero

We caught Amy Schumer’s first original one-hour standup special, “Mostly Sex Stuff”, on Comedy Central this past weekend, a few weeks after her deft takedowns at the Roseanne Barr roast… and now we’re “swim fans.” We love any comedian who can make a fisting joke work, and Schumer did not disappoint. She’s a straight-talking, porn-watching, potty-mouthed provocateur who cleverly exposes the inherent insanity of money shots, waxing, sexism and plain old sex.

PUSH GIRLS premieres tonight at 10P…are you ready?

Article: PUSH GIRLS premieres tonight at 10P…are you ready?

a lot of buzz because we’re finally getting a show about fierce women with disabilities that isn’t solely focused on the disability experience, but rather on women’s experiences. I’ve already seen the first episode and, trust me, it’s everything I’ve been hoping for and more, because PUSH GIRLS is ready to scare the horses when it comes to confronting women’s issues, talking about what it’s like to be a middle class woman in Los Angeles struggling with dating, employment, and fertility while navigating disability as well. In a media landscape where women’s lives rarely get a chance to enjoy center stage, it’s refreshing to see a show focusing on women and their relationships with each other and I’m jazzed for everyone who will be seeing the premiere tonight.

Women run the social entrepreneurship show

Article: Women run the social entrepreneurship show

When Wangari Maathai won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work founding the Greenbelt Movement, the word “pioneering” got thrown around a lot, and often applied to the Nobel laureate’s gender. Maathai was a pioneer, but not because she was woman: if anything, social entrepreneurship involves recognizing the value of activities often denigrated as “women’s work.” This year, the United Nations Environment Programme’s SEED Award continued this fallacy with its creation of a “gender equality” prize: just a quick look at the 34 other social enterprises it recognized with awards this year shows that when it comes to creating businesses around activities that value people and planet while creating a profit, women seem to “get it” much more often than their male counterparts.

Novel theme: women running from houses

Article: Novel theme: women running from houses

Women Running From Houses is a blog devoted to book covers, many from “60′s and 70′s Gothic romance novels,” which depicts women running from houses. The woman behind the blog, who analyzes in depth each cover she features, explains, ” So that I don’t drive my husband too crazy (or distract him too long from…