First covers of famous magazines

Article: First covers of famous magazines

From The Atlantic Monthly in 1857 to Wired in 1993, here’s a fascinating look at the covers of the first issues of famous magazines, including, I’m sure, at least one of your favorites. It’s kind of amazing to see how these magazines have evolved over the years. Some are radically different in terms of design, focus and content, while others – most notably The New Yorker, whose first issue stars Eustace Tilley, or New York Magazine, with its breathtaking photo of the most beautiful skyline in the world – look as timeless and instantly familiar then as they do today…

How to mod a magazine

Article: How to mod a magazine

Instead of just tossing them into your recycle bin, give your magazine a second life as a DVD sleeve, envelope, paper bowl, photo frame or my favorite, a wallet by following these DIY instructions provided by Wired UK (part 1 and part 2). [Via]

Star Trek singularity

Article: Star Trek singularity

Sundance Channel may not normally be in the habit of talking about mainstream summer blockbusters, but often there are interesting threads on the fringes that grow out of these pop culture behemoths.

Take Artie Vierkant, who stitched together all episodes of Star Trek Voyager into a grid in a single sped up video. Unlike most science fiction or space adventure shows, Vierkant’s clip does at least one thing right: There is no sound in space!

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