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Johnny Weir looks back at the Olympics: Fortius Altius Maximus

Article: Johnny Weir looks back at the Olympics: Fortius Altius Maximus

Me with my coaches Galina Zmievskaya and Viktor Petrenko. Photo by Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images.

In the season finale of BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR, my fans and fans of my show will travel with me to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. There is a lot of detail shown in the finale, but I thought I’d dish a little dirt about the Olympics, and this has nothing to do with the fact that condoms were officially supplied in the Olympic Village.

Read Johnny’s personal and moving account of the joy and heartbreak he experienced in Vancouver.

Winter Olympics medals contain e-waste

Article: Winter Olympics medals contain e-waste

As with the past several Olympic games, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have worked to incorporate elements of sustainability into this massive event. From building a framework for event sustainability to creating greener event venues like the Whistler Sliding Center for bobsled, luge, and skeleton competitions, the Vancouver Organizing Committee has worked hard to lighten the admittedly huge footprint of the upcoming games.

Weir Roundup: Career Highlights

Article: Weir Roundup: Career Highlights

Fresh from his latest win, a bronze metal win at 2010 Nationals, Johnny discusses preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

By “normal” standards, Johnny’s foray into figure skating at age 12 is considered to be late. His first venture onto the ice occurred one harsh winter when the corn field behind his house froze over. Johnny was thrilled to receive a second-hand pair of skates for Christmas, and to his parents’ amusement, he used them to skate in between the frozen corn stalks! Considered to be a natural talent, he moved up to the novice division quickly and, at age 16 (only 4 years from his humble beginnings in Pennsylvania), he won the gold metal at the 2001 World Junior Championships.

Currently ranked 13th in the world, his career has come a long way since then and, with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games just days away, who knows what good things are in store for Johnny! To tide you over until the games, here area few videos showcasing competition highlights from Johnny’s career…

From his first win at US Nationals to his first win at the World Championships, don’t miss these career-making moments, after the jump.

Weir Roundup: Johnny does Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood

Article: Weir Roundup: Johnny does Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood

Johnny Weir poses for a portrait during the NBC/USOC Promotional Photo Shoot on May 12, 2009 at Smashbox Studios

With the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver just a week away, SUNfiltered will bring you a “Weir Roundup” whenever possible that will not only feature the latest news on Johnny, but also interesting video clips. In this edition, we’ll be showcasing Johnny’s vocal talents and a recently made-available video of Johnny’s routine to Jordin Sparks’ live performance of “Battlefield.” In the upcoming days, we’ll be highlighting other notable exhibition routines, as well career-making performances like “The Swan.”

– Johnny and acclaimed photographer and music video director Matthew Rolston come together in a promo shoot for BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR. Check out the final product and behind-the-scenes footage on Full Frontal Fashion.

– “Skater Johnny Weir’s New Resolve” by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

– Ryan McGinely showcases a photo portfolio entitled “The Highfliers” featuring Shaun White, Johnny Weir, Emily Cook, and more in the latest edition of NY Times Magazine. All the athletes featured are wearing custom Rodarte knitwear which can bee seen here.

Don’t miss Johnny singing, after the jump.

Johnny Weir goes GaGa

Article: Johnny Weir goes GaGa

Johnny Weir goes GaGa in a brilliant asymmetrical costume using broken glass.

After winning third place at U.S. Nationals for men’s figure skating, Johnny returned to Spokane, WA this weekend to performance an exhibition skate to Lady GaGa’s “Pokerface.” This isn’t the first time he’s gone GaGa; he started skating this exhibition routine in early 2009 and it became an instant crowd pleaser!

View his entire routine after the jump.

Go Johnny, GO!  Weir secures a spot on Olympic team

Article: Go Johnny, GO! Weir secures a spot on Olympic team

Ladies and gentlemen, the US Olympic team for men’s figure skating: (L to R) Jeremy Abbott, Johnny Weir, and Evan Lysacek. After skating a solid short program and having a few slip ups during his free skate program, Johnny Weir finished an overall third place in the U.S. Nationals for men’s figure skating and secured…