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Weir Roundup: Career Highlights

Article: Weir Roundup: Career Highlights

Fresh from his latest win, a bronze metal win at 2010 Nationals, Johnny discusses preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

By “normal” standards, Johnny’s foray into figure skating at age 12 is considered to be late. His first venture onto the ice occurred one harsh winter when the corn field behind his house froze over. Johnny was thrilled to receive a second-hand pair of skates for Christmas, and to his parents’ amusement, he used them to skate in between the frozen corn stalks! Considered to be a natural talent, he moved up to the novice division quickly and, at age 16 (only 4 years from his humble beginnings in Pennsylvania), he won the gold metal at the 2001 World Junior Championships.

Currently ranked 13th in the world, his career has come a long way since then and, with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games just days away, who knows what good things are in store for Johnny! To tide you over until the games, here area few videos showcasing competition highlights from Johnny’s career…

From his first win at US Nationals to his first win at the World Championships, don’t miss these career-making moments, after the jump.

Carbon Week: Carbon Neutral Products and Events

Article: Carbon Week: Carbon Neutral Products and Events

Though generally regarded as something between a band-aid and validation for dirty behavior, carbon offsets have become a very popular way to essentially “have your cake and eat it, too.” While this isn’t good justification for us as individuals, when applied to a larger organization, event or product, it can be an effective way to…