Win Win

WIN WIN … wins!

Article: WIN WIN … wins!

Wow – here’s something amazing. Tom McCarthy’s WIN WIN is enjoying a 95% approval rating with’s “Top Critics” – the same score as something like Altman’s NASHVILLE. Not that these two movies have a lot in common. They don’t. But just in the general zeitgeist of movie-liking and likability, this movie is really … winning. Why? Read on to find out. (By the way, no secrets here. I really… liked it.)

Sundance Film Festival Review Roundup: WIN WIN

Article: Sundance Film Festival Review Roundup: WIN WIN

Tom McCarthy’s WIN WIN, starring Paul Giamatti as a small-time New Jersey lawyer and high school wrestling coach who takes over guardianship of one of his elderly clients, is shaping up to be an early Sundance Film Festival favorite. Marshall Fine, writing in the Huffington Post, calls the film “touchingly funny” and says it features…