The secret sex life of tennis

Article: The secret sex life of tennis

OK, so maybe it’s not the first sport you think of when it comes to sex appeal. But look a little closer and you’d be surprised at how much sex there is in tennis. (Though will someone please tell Rafael Nadal that biting trophies doesn’t make anyone think of sex, and actually just makes us all a little bit uncomfortable?)

Best videos of the week, starring the Higgs boson

Article: Best videos of the week, starring the Higgs boson

Am I the only one who thinks that this week has been so much more awesome since the discovery of the Higgs boson was announced on Wednesday morning? Most of the jargon and explanations are waaaay above my high school AP Physics edumacation, but as scientists and smartypants people peel back another layer of this crazy universe we live in, paradoxically it seems that the world has become just a little more magical. I love it! I was hoping they’d also found a tiny magic school bus in their research, but alas. Between the Higgs boson news and Independence Day, this week has been pretty fantastic. July 4th of course means good eating, including delicious watermelon, which also happens to be the video that kicks off this week’s best trending videos that went viral.