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Shatner verses Palin

Article: Shatner verses Palin

I’ve documented here a few instances where comic genius William Shatner has read Sarah Palin’s words aloud as beat poetry, poking fun at her stupidity. Well he’s at it again.  But this times she’s hit back. On Conan O’Brien’s show the other night Shatner read ridiculous passages from Palin’s Going Rogue. And then he had…

Tweeting twat

Article: Tweeting twat

William Shatner is once again poking fun at another fame-seeking Alaskan. If you remember, several months back, the veteran actor and musician lampooned Sarah Palin by reading her tweets to a beat poetry rhythm. He’s turned his attention towards Levi Johnston, onetime Palin family member. Something tells me this is the least of Levi’s worries.…

Palin poetry

Article: Palin poetry

How can you not love William Shatner? He was dashing, and kitsch, as Captain Kirk. His Denny Crane was a brilliant reinvention. And I actually watch his Priceline commercials. And who watches commercials these days? No one. Exactly. In his 70s now, Shatner’s career has gone up and down. But this week he returned to his spoken-word…