Patrick Krzyzanowski's wrestling paintings

Article: Patrick Krzyzanowski's wrestling paintings

Portuguese artist Patrick Krzyzanowski’s paintings of professional wrestlers exaggerate the already ludicrous “sport” with its gaudy costumes, showmanship and over the top violence, which has long been a pillar of American pop culture – especially amongst guys. In this interview with Vice, he explains the inspiration behind his work:

Superheroes wedding

Article: Superheroes wedding

Wedding photographer Tony Hoffer snapped this fun group picture of the party at Erin and Tim’s wedding. As a (spoiler alert) comic book geek I love that the guys dressed like superheroes.



THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST, hosted by Josh Dorfman, screens Tuesdays at 9PM on Sundance Channel.

In this episode I’m challenged to help green a wedding that’s already well into its planning. The challenge itself was really fun especially because the groom shared my aversion to all things both “eco” and “beige.” That was one of the first rules that the couple set – no beige at the wedding no matter what. And thank God! I see no reason why environmentally friendly choices shouldn’t be outstanding and make a wedding even more beautiful or tasty or memorable precisely because of the fact that they are eco-friendly. To my way of thinking, green should be an experiential enhancer.

$1.5 million wedding dress

Article: $1.5 million wedding dress

A wedding dress recently debuted in China that is decorated with 2009 peacock tail feathers which took over 2 months to create. It’s available for a cool $1.5 million. What recession? The dress is without doubt an impressive artistic exercise. However, brides beware, because seeing this, I can’t help but think of Oscar Wilde’s wicked…