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Green tech finds (9/9/10)

Article: Green tech finds (9/9/10)

A bee beard for David Cameron, subway energy harvesting, and using search technology to identify endangered species… this week’s green tech finds.

The Wolverine solar cell: Researchers at MIT actually looked to plants, not the X-Men, when creating a solar cell that “heals” its own UV damage.
Tweet for the honey bees: British marketing firm LBi has created a “twittition” (Twitter petition) to support honey bee populations in the UK. Each tweet added to the petition adds a bee to a “bee beard” on a likeness of Prime Minister David Cameron (shown above).

Clean Watersheds Could Cost $202 Billion Over 20 Years

Article: Clean Watersheds Could Cost $202 Billion Over 20 Years

WASHINGTON, DC, January 17, 2008 (ENS) – A total of $202.5 billion is the nationwide capital investment needed to control wastewater pollution for up to a 20 year period, according to a new report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA. Delivered to Congress this week, the 2004 Clean Watersheds Needs Survey summarizes the results…