Greener Consumption: The "don't buy it, share it" edition

Article: Greener Consumption: The "don't buy it, share it" edition

The greenest product, so the saying goes, is one that you don’t buy. But for things you really need, the next best option may be the product you share. No longer limited to movie rentals, you can rent/share just about any durable good (or even not-so-durable goods) these days.

People of Walmart song

Article: People of Walmart song

It surpassed 2.5 million views on YouTube last week. Jessica Frech‘s original song and video set to images from is a prime lesson in successful self-promotion: take an Internet site that thrives on our love of laughing at people and pair it with a seriously catchy tune (seriously, don’t listen to it more than once if you don’t want to wake up singing it tomorrow) and voila: Internet meme! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Frech is a talented musician with an ethereal voice (and a ukulele!) — but her mastery of grass-roots internet marketing is what will propel her to fame.

Mobile Power Station: Solar Blimp

Article: Mobile Power Station: Solar Blimp

In light of the Myanmar cyclone disaster, providing power to a region that has lost all public utilities is clearly something the world community could use. One invention has been created to do just this; you can feast your eyes on this solar-powered blimp that can even fly by remote control (useful for providing aid…