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Photographer Stephen Mallon documents man and the machine

Article: Photographer Stephen Mallon documents man and the machine

If you can’t tell what’s stacked on top of the barge in the photo above that’s okay; You’ve probably never seen, let alone thought about, subway cars being piled up and transported by water, and neither had I until I saw photographer Stephen Mallon’s incredible series, “Next Stop Atlantic,” that documents NYC subway cars as they’re taken offshore and dumped in the ocean to act as barrier reefs. Not only was I unaware that we needed a barrier reef off the coast of New York, but I was also unaware that you could build one simply by chucking old subway cars into the sea. I’m still not convinced that this is cool with the EPA.

David Byrne's perfect city

Article: David Byrne's perfect city

It’s odd to me that I am linking to two Wall Street Journal stories in as many days but I just ran across this funny little video they did accompanying David Byrne, he of Talking Heads fame, to Brookyn via bikes. Byrne was a judge in a citywide competition to design new bike racks for New York City. He was so into the project that he designed his own. Included are giant shoes, dollar signs (for the Wall Street area natch) and dogs. The video is cute.

The real artists of New York City

Article: The real artists of New York City

Bravo, the network that made Project Runway, Top Chef and all those Housewives famous, is at again. This time they’re going high-brown rather than the usual low. Casting a new series, produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, the network held a call for artists looking to be the next big Warhol. Yes, a reality show competition…

Michael Jackson's evolving hedcuts

Article: Michael Jackson's evolving hedcuts

Its editorial voice aside, the distinguished Wall Street Journal is noted for its usage of rather distinctive dot-drawn headshots or “hedcuts” as they call them of individuals that an article is profiling. As part of the newspaper’s redesign in 1979 “artist Kevin Sprouls devised a technique for illustrating the paper that did not disrupt its…

New Media Panels Announced

Article: New Media Panels Announced

Check out the panels and presenters who will be participating in the New Frontier Section of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

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