A new app DOES make sending dirty pics safer

Article: A new app DOES make sending dirty pics safer

Once again, the Internets really DO work! Two-and-a-half weeks ago, we told you about a new app called Peek that tried to make sending dirty pics to the objects of your affection safer. The original idea: You take a naughty picture with your phone via Peek, send it out and the recipient can only view the picture once, through a small circular moveable “keyhole”, for only 30 seconds before it disappears (from both your phones). Cool idea, right? But we discovered one massive hole in the app — if you quickly moved the keyhole around and snapped a bunch of screen shots during that 30-second window, in Photoshop you could puzzle together a pretty revealing composite, sort of defeating the purpose of the app in the process.

Well, color us pink, because we were tickled to receive the following note the other day:

Skinbook, the Facebook for nudists

Article: Skinbook, the Facebook for nudists

According to their homepage, Skinbook is the world’s no.1 nudist social network (with over 9000 members), offering personal profiles, forums, blogs, groups, galleries, videos, event listings, live chat, commenting, and instant messaging. Skinbook organizers, based in Manchester (UK), told Time Magazine that what sets them apart from other nudist groups is their demographic: younger people (35-40 instead of over 55) and more women and couples (instead of single men). They get about 200 sign ups a day but only accept 10% of applicants due, unsurprisingly, to lame or X-rated attempts at sign up. And those who break the rules get booted:

Culture wars: The New York Post vs. the Standard Hotel

Article: Culture wars: The New York Post vs. the Standard Hotel

The end of August is always a slow season for news–and nowhere is that more evident than in the New York Post’s extensive coverage of the Chelsea Standard Hotel “controversy.” This past Monday, the Post ran a story on a recently discovered feature of New York’s newly opened High Line park. In addition to offering…