Montage of "I could tell you but I'd have to kill you"

Article: Montage of "I could tell you but I'd have to kill you"

Posted on YouTube is this video montage of various movies using the cliche phrase “I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.” Maybe it’s time for writers to retire this?

Justinnnnnn Bieberrrrrrr

Article: Justinnnnnn Bieberrrrrrr

Is it a voice of an angel singing in a cathedral? No, it’s only Bieber singing “U Smile,” but slowed down to 1/8th speed of the original resulting in a 35 minute long song of pure ambient zen. And the Internet is loving it. The grammar and math corners of the Internet are also enjoying…

What happens when a washing machine eats a brick? Internet finds out.

Article: What happens when a washing machine eats a brick? Internet finds out.

The Internet was enthralled recently with a YouTube video of a self-destructing washing machine, whose spasmic shaking increasingly gave it anthropomorphic attributes. The payoff starts at the 0:55 second mark when it encounters a brick and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Predictably the video has been remixed that results in some LOLs.

Best rejection letter ever

Article: Best rejection letter ever

Al Feldstein’s MAD Magazine sent the best rejection letters to people. Evidence? See above gem unearthed by Letters of Note.

You Gotta Have Another: Every smoking scene in Mad Men

Article: You Gotta Have Another: Every smoking scene in Mad Men

Whirled, a nifty looking creative ad agency in San Fran compiled every smoking scene in Mad Men, seasons 1 through 3 (total of 39 episodes), into a single YouTube video that will leave us non-smokers feeling nauseous. This video will have one of two results. This repetitious, perfunctory and seemingly pointless act of inhaling smoke…

Go deeper with memes of INCEPTION

Article: Go deeper with memes of INCEPTION

A follow-up to Perrin’s review of the summer hit film INCEPTION, which blew a lot of people’s minds and had them questioning and wanting to do a deeper dive. As a result, the film has inspired the Internets and produced many memes (one of which is seen above). I’ve compiled some of them here. Warning – there be spoilers ahead!

TED: Lessons from a viral video on how to start a movement

Article: TED: Lessons from a viral video on how to start a movement

Using a popular viral video (over 3 million YouTube views) of an enthusiastic dancing guy who gets a mass dance party started at the 2009 Sasquatch Music Festival as a guide, Derek Sivers gave this humorous and brief TED talk titled “How to start a movement.” Watch and you’ll get some tips for that cult…

Lenny Kravitz crashes church choir's performance

Article: Lenny Kravitz crashes church choir's performance

Your feel-good video of today that is going rapidly viral was uploaded a few days ago by Lenny Kravitz himself. As he explains, he was having a drink at a terrace in New Orleans when he heard a choir, the First Baptist Church’s Voice of Praise choir from Lewisville to be exact, sing a song…

Ke$ha x Star Trek

Article: Ke$ha x Star Trek

The Internet’s current favorite pop culture viral mash-up blends the old with the new: the infectious pop of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok is set to scenes from the classic Star Trek television series. As the creator MissSheenie aptly says, “Working on the Enterprise is pretty much a non-stop party as far as I’m concerned.” In related…

OK Go's latest video: 18 hours of dancing, 192 hours of timelapse, and 1 million frames

Article: OK Go's latest video: 18 hours of dancing, 192 hours of timelapse, and 1 million frames

The masters of viral music video blockbusters, OK Go recently released their latest video for “End Love,” directed by Jeff Lieberman and Eric Gunther, which is already rapidly approaching 1 million views on YouTube. Lieberman explains:

The fastest we go is 172,800x, compressing 24 hours of real time into a blazing 1/2 second. The slowest is 1/32x speed, stretching a mere 1/2 second of real time into a whopping 16 seconds. This gives us a fastest to slowest ratio of 5.5 million. If you like averages, the average speed up factor of the band dancing is 270x. In total we shot 18 hours of the band dancing and 192 hours of LA skyline timelapse – over a million frames of video – and compressed it all down to 4 minutes and 30 seconds! Oh and don’t forget, it’s one continuous camera shot.

Google homepage surprise

Article: Google homepage surprise

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade video game Pac-Man, Google has a surprise on their main homepage. This is currently dominating Twitter’s top trending list. Without spoiling too much, go to and wait a few seconds and let the logo fully load. You’ll get a playable surprise that “packs” quite…

The Google job experiment

Article: The Google job experiment

Wanting a change to a creative advertising firm, which is often a highly competitive process, 28-year-old copywriter Alec Brownstein showed social media and marketing “experts” how to really leverage the power of the Internet along with some good old fashion psychology. While researching his favorite creative directors on Google, Brownstein noticed that there was no sponsored ad links (which appear at the top of the search results) attached to their names. If these directors were like the rest of us narcissists, he assumed they Googled themselves.

Documentary: What happened to the $%!#ing Winnebago Man?

Article: Documentary: What happened to the $%!#ing Winnebago Man?

For YouTube’s 5 year anniversary celebration, guest curator Conan O’Brien selected the Winnebago Man (see above) as a noteworthy video. With over 1.6 million views to date on YouTube, this (hilarious) video compilation of profanity laced outtakes from a 1988 Winnebago commercial starred a very frustrated salesman Jack Rebney, or better known as the Winnebago…

Neat iPhone music video

Article: Neat iPhone music video

Israeli band Izabo incorporates multiple iPhones in their fun music video for their single “On My Way.” It can also be viewed like the next iPhone ad campaign concept. This is also the perfect segue to share an impressive video of a one-girl band using four iPhones to recreate Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” This YouTube…

Most popular YouTube videos in 2009

Article: Most popular YouTube videos in 2009

On their official blog YouTube ranked the most viewed videos and most searched words on YouTube in 2009. The segment of Susan Boyle’s beautiful voice featured on Britain’s Got Talent (120+ million views) was number one this year, but the next most watched video, “David After Dentist” on YouTube was actually this year’s most “viral” amateur video with over 37 million views. If you’ve been living in a cave this year and haven’t seen it, then here it is:

Sesame Street raps

Article: Sesame Street raps

The video of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie spliced to look as though they were rapping M.O.P’s popular hit “Ante Up” became a global viral hit with over 4 million views on YouTube. I mean, you really haven’t lived until you’ve seen this puppet (are they or aren’t they) couple boast: Things that we need,…

Meme scenes minimized

Article: Meme scenes minimized

Andy Baio isolated the backgrounds of famous (or infamous) videos or photos that went on to become Internet memes and legends by removing the subjects from them. This brilliant exercise if anything validates their seat in the pantheon of viral Internet memes. Can you name them all? [Via]

100 single ladies

Article: 100 single ladies

Full disclosure: You’re about to watch a “viral” video to promote a free Beyonce concert sponsored by Trident. That said, who doesn’t want to watch 100 girls in London’s Piccadilly Circus mimic Beyonce’s music video for her hit song “Single Ladies,” which has been hilariously parodied. This is a template for how to create a…