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Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

Article: Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

On a recent trip, Doug Aitken had a vision. It was of his house, a bungalow in Venice Beach that he lived in for over ten years and is tearing down to make room for a new house for himself and his fiancée. In the vision, Aitken’s parents are seated across from each other at a table in the otherwise empty house while the roof caves in, the windows shatter and all the debris of the house rain down around them while they remain silent and unharmed in the middle of the chaos. And Aitken, being a skilled filmmaker, translated this vision in to his latest work, the aptly titled “House,” on view now at Regen Projects in Los Angeles. Viewers stand amongst the house’s rubble while watching it, adding a layer of connection to the piece and, perhaps, to try to clue the audience into Aitken’s experience of seeing the vision itself. Ultimately though, dreams belong the dreamer alone.

Transverse Temporal Gyrus: A Psychedelic Evening with Animal Collective and Danny Perez

Article: Transverse Temporal Gyrus: A Psychedelic Evening with Animal Collective and Danny Perez

Traverse Temporal Gyrus at The Guggenheim. Photo credit: Celia Quinnette

Upon entering the psychedelic bat cave that was Traverse Temporal Gyrus (the latest installation at The Guggenheim from Animal Collective and film artist Danny Perez), you were immediately bathed in a surreal environment of swirling sound and floating images. The museum was abuzz last night as fans crowded in for this special one-day collaborative exhibit. Selling out almost instantly, The Guggenheim had to add an earlier show to accommodate the spiked interest.

Guerilla video artist plans exhibit at Best Buy

Article: Guerilla video artist plans exhibit at Best Buy

Untitled Video Painting 02 from borna on Vimeo. If you are in New York City on October 8, stop by the Best Buy in Soho to witness Borna Sammak’s takeover of the electronic store’s display televisions to showcase his video installation. Barring the heavy hand of The Man or in this case, yellow shirted store…

Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

Article: Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

Doug Aitken isn’t any one thing. He’s a photographer, a filmmaker, a sculptor and an installation artist. Sometimes his work is completely tech-based and other times it’s hand-crafted. But the common thread evident in all his work is a fascination with and mastery of new media. Whether he’s projecting video onto the side of a…

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries presents

Article: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries presents

If you go to the LACMA home page right now you won’t see a list of current exhibitions or visitor information. Instead you’ll be treated to the moving, talking, walking text-based piece “Hey, Where’d All the Smart Guys Go?” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. After you see this you’ll of course want to see more,…

Mesmerizing Rube Goldberg contraption

Article: Mesmerizing Rube Goldberg contraption

I just came across this and even though it’s ancient in Internet time, it’s too good to pass up. Swiss duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss’s 1987 “The Way Things Go” is a video recording of a Rube Goldberg machine, measuring approximately 100 feet long and set in a warehouse, come to life as common…

Apparati Effimeri's stunning projection art

Article: Apparati Effimeri's stunning projection art

A video-artist collective Apparati Effimeri created a very impressive video installation which was then projected onto a pre-mapped castle facade, which produced some really stunning “wow!” effects. A+ for this effort. APPARATI EFFIMERI Tetragram for Enlargment from Apparati Effimeri on Vimeo.

Billy Rennekamp, "Clover"

Article: Billy Rennekamp, "Clover"

Andrew’s recent entry here on Google Street View foiling a crime tangentially reminds of this short video piece created by artist Billy Rennekamp of a car driving in circles on a highway clover intersection which is layered with Google Maps street view iconography. Interestingly, the driver seems to be going in the opposite direction of…